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Akutso Sane ("community issues" or "community projects" in the Ga language), expresses how we work directly with young people in their communities to help them identify and create non-fiction and fictional visual stories. 

  • By working with young people in their communities, we help emphasize that they have #storiesthatmatter.

  • By connecting them to some of Ghana’s most creative and brightest resource people in filmmaking, digital media, and content development, they gain on-hands training and marketable skills.

  • By  sharing their stories with each other, they recognize larger narratives about what it means to be human and how storytelling can be healing.

  • By presenting their stories to a public audience, they become advocates and activists who illuminate issues in their very environment leading to conversations and possible solutions.

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Liberating Stories of Women (LSW)—a project funded by the US Embassy in Accra— is our first Akutso Sane initiative. LSW began with the premise that there is freedom in storytelling and is geared towards young women who are impacted by abusive experiences in their homes or communities. LSW uses storytelling and filmmaking as an avenue for their healing and a tool for their empowerment. The young women's docuseries will be screened at the next Bɛnpaali festival and on other media platforms as a means to advocate for women’s right to protection and security across diverse populations.

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