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16-18 December 2021

Community Centre I Jamestown

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Quintessence relates to this being our fifth festival (“quint”) and to what is essential

(the purest, most concentrated form of something).


Benpaali 2021 is a retrospective to reconnect with filmmakers, participants and volunteers from past festivals. In a twist, we will also train a select group of young filmmakers on mobile phone filmmaking beforehand to help them tell stories focused on the Jamestown community.

Jamestown sits at the intersection of its colonial (Ussher Fort) and post-colonial history (a center of world class boxing). Between being a fishing community and one that has been displaced by a new harbor project, Jamestown is still home to several internationally recognized festivals making Jamestown and the people who live there continually adapting to change.

Among the many topics we imagine the filmmakers creating, their stories can:

  • Consider the most typical or representative ideas about Jamestown 

  • Capture the different cultures permeating Jamestown – past or present

  • Imagine Jamestown into the future


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