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Home and Away

22-23 August

International House I University of Ghana

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Photos L to R from top: 1) Filmmakers' discussion - 2) Benumah (Effie Nkrumah) - 3) 2019 awardees -4) Youth Plenary - 5) Sandy Alibo, Kuukia & Miss Universe Ghana - 6) Audience, filmmakers & Bɛnpaali team

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Humans, not places, make memories. 

Ama Ata Aidoo

Where and what do we consider as home? It could be anywhere as we are people on the move–out of choice or dilemma–from our original homes, to new places, to new homes. Some of us are curious to know what is on the other side of the moon. Some of us don’t know to which people and places we belong and want to discover ourselves in our roots. We migrate for better opportunities and for safety, seeking to escape war, poverty, racism, sexism, religious persecution. Or we have been forcibly removed whether from historical slavery or contemporary displacement. The distance from home can be short or far, but we are often Home and Away.

2019 Festival Awardees

Yaa Asantewaa Award for Blazing New PathsMichael Anane, Hear Me

Theodosia Okoh Award for National Unity - Kojo Owiredu Kissi, enGULFED

Benpaali Choice Award for Creative Fusing of Heritage & Art - Khalid Keith-Pierre Iddisah & Innocent AdjeiChamp

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